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Utopia Helps Guatemala - Guatemala is a beautifull country with many needs

We are located near the small Village of Semil.  We have a small Eco Hotel and we do as much as we can to help the Community.  We employee as many people from the village as we can as well as give 10% of the income from our hotel to help the Village and the people in it.  We can however always use more help.  If you want to come and help teach kids and adults English or help improve the school there are many needs such as building bathrooms painting or helping to keep the rivers and roads clean or help build a playground for the kids at the school or just donate some cash, any way you look at it we can all use your help. If you decide to come and help us help Guatemala we will provide you with a free place to stay as long as you make a minimum of a 1 month commitment UNLESS YOU HAVE A MEDICAL TEAM then we will take whatever help and whatever time you can give.  We will provide you with a bed in our dorm rooms and a beautiful place to relax during your time off. 
If you’d like to practice up on your Spanish while here, we give all long-term volunteers 20% off our Spanish school.  As well as 10% off all tours and food at Utopia Eco Hotel.

Animals, we have always had a very soft spot for animals and always do what we can for them. 
Donations are always being accepted to help feed and vaccinate the local and stray dogs and cats in the area.  Nearly all homes around here have dogs but some of the families are just to poor and can hardly take care of their own children let alone feed their pets.  Some are in pretty sad shape.  It’s our goal to provide the more needy families with a bag of food each month for their pets.

These are some of the Projects we are working towards as well as the estimated cost to do the each one.   The needs here are ever changing and we are always adding new things every day.  If you think you would like to help Please let us know. 

Project 1
Install Electricity to Semil Public School

Get electricity into the school aprox. $5,000 usd to install the lights. Then they would need the funds to keep those new lights on. It is estimated that the Electric bill would be around $200.00 per month.


Project 2
Internet Service
Internet it will cost aprox. $3,000 usd to install internet into the school. The monthly bill to keep internet on would be $150.00. They would need help with this bill as well. If we can get them Electric and internet it would be fantastic to then be able to provide them with 4 computers for them to work on and learn we would at that time also need volunteers to help teach both Adults and children how to use these computers.


Proyect 3
Build a Playground for the kids

Right now they say there are several hundred kids that attend this school with no playground of any kind. I am certain that this would be a great addition to the community. At this time there is nothing fun for any of these children to do, their work in the fields starts at a very young age. While we would never want to interfere with their culture it would be nice to provide something fun for the kids to enjoy from time to time. This project will cost aprox. $3,500 usd to build and set up.


Proyect 4
Build a Water Cistern for the Comunity
They have no running water at this time everyone gets their water out of the river or a small stream. We would love to help them build a large 100,000 gal water cistern and run a 1 inch feed line to get water to all the homes, Church’s and school in this Village. At this time its estimated that this project would cost aprox $43,000 usd. This will include buying a small piece of land to build the tank on as well as pipe to run the water to the homes and school. We will also need to come up with a monthly budget to maintain and keep the tank full as well as check and repair water lines. At the very least you would need 1 full time employee.


Project 5
Road Improvement

Keeping up the road is a lot of work.  We would like to find away to cobblestone the road with the river rocks.  This would give Quality year around access to the town.  In the rainy season it is very hard to get vehicles in here for medical needs and for the people to sell their coffee and other cash crops.  This project will be on going for some time.  We plan to just work at it as funds permit.  The cost will be about $2.50 usd per square foot. 


Project 6
Create Job Opportunities for the Comunity

We are open to some creative ideas and help putting this into affect.  




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