Semuc Champey & Lanquin special offers
Semuc Champey & Lanquin special offers Semuc Champey & Lanquin special offers

Inmersion Spanish Course.

Utopia Spanish School
Semuc Champey Guatemala

No doubt, Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world, and its importance is bound to increase even further. With international travel and the growing Hispanic population in many areas make speaking Spanish a necessity. Learning to speak Spanish — or improving your fluency — will give both your professional and your social life a boost.

Semuc Champey, Guatemala: What better place to learn Spanish than where it's spoken in Latin America! Immersion Spanish courses are the fastest and most effective way to learn Spanish, and there is no shortage of them in Guatemala. Choosing the right school is very important to make rapid progress and avoid wasting your valuable vacation time. You will get the best results if you choose a school that • offers one-on-one Spanish lessons • offers all levels and is flexible enough to adapt it to your needs, interests and learning style • employs competent, experienced and well-motivated teachers • offers a tranquil, tropical environment to immerse yourself in. Utopia Spanish School near Semuc Champey, Guatemala is all of the above, and more!


Utopia Spanish School: The most outstanding feature of our Spanish courses is their focus on communication. Of course you will also study grammar and vocabulary, but we don't stop there. Unlike most Spanish schools in Guatemala we will make you speak, speak, speak! You will learn to speak Spanish in realistic everyday situations and communicate effectively with native speakers.


One-on-one Spanish Lessons: Studying at Utopia Spanish School will give you the results you are looking for! You will not only learn to speak Spanish and communicate with native speakers. You will also experience the culture and customs of the Spanish-speaking world and learn about the fascinating history of Latin America. While Relaxing along the shores of the cahabon river. Speaking Spanish and being familiar with the culture will give you a definite advantage when you travel, do business in Latin America or deal with the Hispanic population in your home country. Contact us now to make your reservation and rest assured that we will arrange a unique and unforgettable learning experience for you. We look forward to meeting you soon!


1-5 hours / Q70 per hour
6-10 hours / Q60 per hour *
11-20 hours / Q55 per hour *
21+ hours / Q45 per hour *

* 25% discount on accommodations

Hours per day can be adjusted to fit your schedule if needed.


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