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Join the Utopia family from the 17th to the 27th of March 2019 for a 10 day all-inclusive Yoga Retreat. We create the perfect combination of Yoga, Health, Detox and Outdoor Activities. Enjoy Hatha Yoga classes and classical Pilates with Eric Foerster, professional instructor and personal trainer since more than 10 years.

Utopia Eco Hotel and Cacao Farms is located on the Cahabón River in a small village in Guatemala, the heart of the Mayan world, close to the stunning National Park of Semuc Champey. You will find yourself in the center of a cacao farm surrounded by nature. Detox your body and soul and reflect on life while enjoying comfortable service in the middle of the jungle. Utopia was created to provide a space for peace of mind and softness of heart. Trust the health of nature to rejuvenate you!

The Utopia Yoga Retreat from the 17th to the 27th of March 2019 includes:
- 10 nights in a private accommodation at Utopia Eco Hotel
- 3 vegetarian/ vegan family-styled meals per day
- unlimited healthy snacks, smoothies and non-alcoholic drinks (alcoholic drinks extra charge)
- Yoga classes twice a day
- additional Pilates class every second day
- Semuc Champey and Kan’ba Cave Tour
- Utopia Cacao Farms Chocolate Tour
- Tubing down the Cahabón River
- guided indigenous Mayan hike
- More activities/things to do:
meditate, hike through surrounding nature or our cacao farm,
watch birds, visit our garden, swim in the Cahabón River,
relax at the riverside fire pit, play basketball, bowling, slackline
and more...



Our local-styled private River Front Cabins fit the natural setting you will find around Utopia. They are rustic, comfortable and furnished with two double beds. In the main building you find our cozy private Nooks with a double bed and shared bathroom. In the main lodge you find our restaurant and bar with handcrafted swings, couch and seating areas where you can read a book, play a board game, spend time with our hotel guests or just enjoy the stunning view. All the healthy vegetarian/ vegan meals for the Utopia Yoga Retreat guests will be prepared in a separate kitchen and served on a private, quiet and comfortable porch just for you. Apart from the main yoga platform we offer different serene outdoor yoga and meditation spaces as well as beautiful walking trails and activity areas among our cacao farm.


Yoga Schedule
Daily Yoga:
8am 60 minutes
5pm 90 minutes

12pm 30 minutes, every second day


About your Teacher Eric Foerster always has been an athletic person who competed at a high level in fencing in his teenage years before his promising athletic career was cut short by injury. His love for sports and physical education did not fade though. In 2006, he discovered Pilates and enrolled right away for a comprehensive 9 months Teacher Training Program, getting certified in 2007. Encouraged by the tremendous results, Eric started working as a Personal Trainer, tailoring individual programs for his clients, specializing in weight loss, functional strength and mobility, combined with nutritional education. Further broadening his knowledge about the human body and mind, he went to India and completed an intense 1:1 Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. Since then, he has been teaching Yoga and Pilates and worked as a Personal Trainer all around the world.


Yoga Eric’s classes are based in Hatha Yoga striving to balance opposing parts of the physical body - front and back, left and right, top and bottom as well as body and mind in general. He is incorporating a highly efficient method to release tight fascia, allowing students to go deeper, understanding the mechanics of their bodies better. Challenging floor postures later on offer great fun in trying more difficult Asanas with the calmness and determination acquired over the course of the class. Classes close with a guided meditation and a longer Savasana sequence, allowing the students to take their peace in mind with them when they leave the class.


Pilates Like Yoga it is suitable for all levels and ages and creates long, lean and functional muscles, helping the body to align and work as a unit. Due to its emphasis on the deep abdominals and the pelvic floor muscles, Pilates is sometimes labeled a core workout, but taught classically, it is the full body training Joe Pilates designed it to be. It’s also no coincidence Pilates students often practice Yoga and vice versa, since the two complement each other very well.


Tours and Activities

Semuc Champey Tour You're going to the famous National Park of Semuc Champey (translation: where the water hides under the ground) and the Kan’ba Cave (translation: yellow mole). You will leave Utopia with your tour guide around 10am, the transportation is about 15 min to the cave and the park. This tour begins with a visit to the Caves. This area is primarily limestone and is a carver’s paradise with thousands of unmapped caves to explore. The one on your tour is open to the public and it is known as wet cave, because you will be in the water all the time crawling, climbing and even swimming through it while holding a candle in your hand. Swimming through this cave will make you feel like a first-time explorer and the candles create the ambiance. Once you enter the cave you will find yourself climbing ladders, jumping into pools and at one point going down a small waterfall into the abyss on the other side. When you have finished the cave tour you will walk down along the river to the extension bridge where you will take a short break and allow those who like the adventure to jump the 10 meters off the bridge into the Cahabón River. From there you will continue a short walk to the entrance of the National Park of Semuc Champey, which is essentially an area of the pristine mountainous forest where the river cascades through seven crystal clear emerald green pools. Once you are in the park you will head off a stiff uphill 1.5km walk which will take you to the view point where you can snap some breathtaking aerial shots of the pools and the surrounding mountain range. With a bit luck you will see howler monkey hanging out in the trees. The color of the water changes during the year, depending on the season, sun and other natural factors. If however you are not up for this hike you can take the much lower route (basically a flat 7 minute walk) directly to the pools where you can relax and wait for the rest of the group to catch up to you. Once you have arrived at the pools this would be a good time to relax and enjoy your packed lunch or go swimming.


Tubing This day starts again with a pick up from Utopia to the park of Semuc Champey. Our guides will help you jump into the river at the entrance of Semuc Champey and get comfortable in the tube. The tubing continues along the Cahabón River over several rapids. There are some calm areas where you can just relax and enjoy the scenery around you. This is a fun, fast paced adventure that will stop right to our doorstep. This tubing is not for the faint of heart. The tour can take 45 minutes up to 90 minutes, depending on the time of the year and the speed of the river.


Chocolate Tour During your stay you will be surrounded by chocolate trees on the Utopia property. The tour is followed by a fun and informative 3-4 hour class on how to make delicious natural chocolate in your own home with your everyday appliances. You will learn the basics of the cacao tree and chocolate- making from the seed to delicious chocolate candies and drinks. We will roast, grind and peel the cacao bean that we will then make drinks and candies out of. This is a hands on tour that will allow you to complete all the steps you need to make your own chocolate even at home. Also, you will learn about the health benefits of organic dark chocolate.


Indigenous Hike At Utopia Eco Hotel we offer a wide range of walking trails, one being our mountain hike. It’s a hike up with breathtaking views all along the way of the mountain range and the Cahabon River and crossing some rope bridges and local Mayan villages. This tour takes about 3-4 hours.



Getting to Utopia Eco Hotel: To find your way to Utopia Eco Hotel there are several shuttle and tour operators working out of Antigua, Rio Dulce, Flores, Lake Atitlan and Quetzaltenango offering daily shuttles to Lanquin. If you want to travel in a little more comfort, private transportation or a helicopter flight can be arranged for you. No matter what type of travel arrangement you like to choose we are happy to organize that for you. To provide a save pick up from Lanquin to Utopia Eco Hotel please let us know where/ when/ how you are departing from.
Prices one way (depending on departure)
Shuttles: $25 – $55
Private transport: $50 - $375
Helicopter (min. 3 people): $500/per person (one way)

We can arrange your departure while you stay with us.
If you are thinking of renting your own vehicle a 4x4 is recommended to reach Utopia. Parking available.

- River Front Cabin with two double beds and private bathroom:
For 1 person $2300
- River Front Cabin with two double beds and private bathroom:
For 2 person $2100 (per person)
- private Nook with one double bed and shared bathroom:
For 1 person $1800
- private Nook with one double bed and shared bathroom:
For 2 person $1600 (per person)

Booking Requirements
- maximum of 15 people for the retreat
- 50% deposit via PayPal upon booking
- remaining balance due 30 days before the retreat starts via PayPal

Refund Policy
• 100% refund of deposit amount 75 days before retreat
• 50% refund of deposit amount 30 days before retreat date
• NO refund less than 30 days before retreat date

Contact us for booking or more information:
Email Us


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Chocolate Tour

Learn all the basics of Chocolate making. From the seed to delicious chocolate candy and drinks.

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