Community Projects

Over the years Utopia has been involved in a lot of projects to support the community.

We have spent thousands of hours working and fixing the road for the community so that the locals can bring trucks in to collect and transport their crops to town to sell.

We help the local school by donating musical instruments as well as helping with events and parties for the local children.

We have also created a 1.5km walking trail along the river for the local community to use. We keep this well maintained so they can access their land easier.

We have put a lot of love into our projects but we want to do more to help! We have larger projects in the pipeline but we need your help!!

Below you will see some projects we would like to carry out but at the moment we lack the funds to do so. We are always working towards our goals but with your help, we can get there faster.

So we invite you to be part of the extended Utopia family and together we can make a difference. Let’s change a child’s life, let’s give them the opportunity they don’t even know exists! Click here to support our newest project!